Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game
Guess Who Board Game

Guess Who Board Game

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Product Information

Let your child get his investigator’s hat on with this fun Guess Who board game from Funskool.

A two-player game, Guess Who is a board game where player’s take chances at eliminating the hidden characters. How does one do that?

Simple! The board game of Guess Who starts by asking the right questions to get to the opponent’s mystery character. In this Guess Who board game, each player takes turns to deduce the opponent’s hidden characters. The player who deduces the maximum characters wins the game of Guess Who!

Whoever thought a simple series of yes and no questions could be so fun!

The best part about the Guess Who board game is that it helps build interactive skills among children. Engage your kids in this fun board game of Guess Who and keep their curiosity levels high at all times!

An exciting board game of mystery characters, Guess Who is suitable for kids aged 6 years and above.
Buy this classic Guess Who board game online, and keep the mystery wheel rolling.


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How to play Guess Who board game?

Objective: To guess the other player's character correctly.

  • Each player takes a Guess Who game board. Flip-up all the characters.
  • Shuffle the deck of character cards; place them face down.
  • Each player picks a card each and places it on the guess who game board cardholder.
  • Players now take turns to ask questions about the character of their guess who game opponent (eg: Does the character have black eyes?, Does the character have brown hair, etc) 
  • Flip-out cards that match the answers.
  • Remember, the guess who players can only answer with a yes or no. The player who correctly guesses the character wins the guess who board game!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many cards are there in the Guess Who board game?

    There are 3 sets of different colours, each set consisting of 24 cards each.

  • What do we do with the pegs?

    The pegs that come along with the guess who game are to keep a tab on the points earned by each player of the board game.

  • Is the guess who board game suitable for a 9 year old?

    Yes. Guess who game is suitable for all players aged 6 years & above.

  • What type of questions can I ask?

    The players of guess who board game can only answer in 'yes/no'. Any question that can be answered with these choices is suitable for the guess who game. (Eg- Is the character a girl? Does the character have curly hair?)

  • When one player guesses wrongly, does the other player get two turns?

    Guess who board game does not impose penalties for wrong answers. Hence, each player of the guess who game gets only one turn per round.

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