Army helicopter friction toy that comes in a great colour combination.
The top view of the army helicopter toy that is easy to play and comes with the rotor on the top that spins when the vehicle is pulled back.
The Army helicopter toy that comes with a complimentary jute pouch.
The army helicopter toy of length 6.8 inches and height 2 inches approx.
The army helicopter toy that comes with a roto on the top and on its tail, rolling wheels and a stand.
Army helicopter toy for kids that teaches them about various forms of transportation and vehicles.
Army helicopter toy that is easy to play and even improves motor skills, hand eye coordination, social skills and social learning.
The front look of the Army Helicopter Toy that comes in a great colour combination.

Army Helicopter Toy

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Helicopters have always fascinated the young creative minds of children. Get the Toy Helicopter  from Centy Toys to pique their interest further into the world of aircraft toys and chopper toys. Helicopter toy is friction powered and comes in an exciting color combination. The toy vehicle resembles a real helicopter but would be a great you for babies because of how cute it looks. The helicopter toy comes with a rotor on top and on its tail, rolling wheels and a stand. This fun toy for kids is easy to play with and the rotor on top spins when the toy vehicle is pulled back. Yes this pullback toy  is ready to fly off on a secret mission. 

Toys for kids like the helicopter toy informs children about various forms of transport and vehicles. Growing up children need as much exposure as they can get and toys and games are one of the many ways they can communicate. It improves their social skills and social learning as well as hand eye coordination and motor skills. 

    battery not required  Made In indiaall age groups
  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups
  • Age: All ages (not suitable for kids below 3 years)
  • Contents: 1 Army Helicopter Toy 
  • Product Dimensions (approx): 17 cm (length) x 4.5 cm (width) x 5 cm (height)
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic
  • Category: Toy Cars, Trains, and Other Vehicles 
  • Related Category: Diecast Cars and BikesPull Along Toys & Friction Toys
  • Country of Origin: India
  • The color of the final product may vary, the one available will be shipped to you

    How to play?

  • Playing with the helicopter toy is very easy. You can help your child unbox the toy and let them use their imagination to play and have fun. 
  • Your child can enjoy the unique toy as part of pretend play games and role play as a character they have seen on TV or movies. Children have a vast imagination and buying toys like the helicopter with a pilot will help them expand their universe of creativity. 
  • The helicopter toy works with a pullback action which moves the toy forward and spins the rotor. Children can engage with the toy, improve their eye hand coordination skills and learn about concepts like pull and push, fast and slow. 

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