Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids
Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids

Intelligence Book (Read & Learn By Sounds) - An Educational Toy For Kids

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Product Information

Learning has never been as fun as where kids can learn through interactive physical games. The Intelligence book is a product that every parent must buy for their kids. This brilliant game of learning comes in the form of a beautiful vibrantly coloured book. But wait there’s a huge surprise waiting for you when you open it! As soon as you switch on the page you want your kid to be on, press one which and the simple diagrams transform into a complete interactive experience. Every page of this battery operated toy book has switches for activating the page, reading out the contents of the page, volume control and even asking questions to the kids about what they have learnt. The pages are colourfully drawn and feature essential content like the English alphabets, names of common fruits, vehicles, literature, nursery rhymes, simple numbers, animals, relations and even some funny stories. With this one interactive game the kids can take their first dive into the vast ocean of learning today!

While the right side pages of the book deliver the electronically run audio based interactive education, the pages to the left offer fun exercises that can be performed by marking the book with the provided marker. These exercises let the children layer the things they have learnt with their own imagination and create magic on pages of the graffiti board or the match-the-following present in this amazing game book. As a complete experience, the book has provided the option of pressing on a certain letter or vegetable featured in the right-hand side pages, and the book will read the word out with correct pronunciation. This is the best game for children to play with their parents and learn while having a blast. The questions button asks the child a question from the current page and if the kid answers it correctly by pressing the answer on the book it rewards him/her with a compliment. This brilliantly engineered game for children boosts the kid’s thinking ability, phonetic and observation skills, hands on learning experience and even strengthens the parent-child bonding in the process. This fun learning game is a must have for you kid if you want him to learn, not from a boring book but an interactive toy that lets the kid relate enjoyment with education.

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  • Age: 4 years and above
  • Contents: 1 Intellectual learning Intelligence Book with 18 Sheets covering different learning topics, white board marker and duster
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic
  • Book Dimension (approx): 25.5 cm (length) x 22.5 cm (width) x 2 cm (thickness)
  • Battery Required: 3 AA 1.5V batteries required (not included)
  • Category: Educational Games
  • Related Category: Board GamesGifts for Boys, Gifts for Girls, Children's Gifts
  • Country of Origin: China
  • The design/print of the book may vary from the pictures above. The one available will be shipped out to you. In case you’d like to see real time images or videos of the pictures before ordering, please reach out to our team at or 9315036925

How to Use ?

  • This brilliant learning game comes in the form of a book. The book has multiple pages and each page is double sided. When you open any page of this book, the page on the right has the interactive capabilities with the buttons and the learning tools, while the left side page features some incredibly interesting exercises related to what you have learnt.

  • The educational game for kids has a mechanism where the right side pages feature buttons for reading out the content, asking questions related to what is taught, volume controls and the activation switch. When you turn to a page, press the activation switch and let the amusement begin.

  • This best learning game for kids has multiple pages featuring different learning fields starting from alphabets to numbers and moving on further to more complex words like names of vehicles and instruments. Basically this is the all-in-one kit that you need for your child to have an interactive experience learning new words, their pronunciations and much more in a phonetic, graphic and hands on action based game.

  • Each diagram on the right hand pages is a button of their own. On switching on a particular page you can press any of these boxes to hear the book read the word out with perfect pronunciation. This improves the hearing and speaking abilities of the child while associating the diagram with the word.

  • You can also press the read button on top of the page to hear all of the words being pronounced. There are also volume up and down switches that allow you to control the loudness of the speaker present in this great game for toddlers.

  • Finally we come to the most interesting part of this game- the questions button! This button asks the kids a question related to the topic displayed on the page and if he or she answers it correctly, the game compliments the kid building his/her confidence and providing reward for their actions.

  • This fun game for children builds the understanding of the kids with its intriguing interactive system and rewards.

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