Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)
Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)
Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)
Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)
Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)
Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)

Jumping Monkeys Game (2-4 Players)

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Product Information

Hmm..  tell us honestly, as kids, even though the jumping Monkey action game felt a little stupid, we actually loved it when we got the game set home.

And so it happened one day, that we decided to bring back the game that sits somewhere on our list of guilty pleasures. After all, even our kids should have their fair share of fun games back from our times, right?

This jumping monkey action game is a great pick for the kids to indulge in a fun playtime. An action game that can be played within the safe walls of your home, this indoor game also qualifies as a fun and amazing multiplayer game for kids.

Jumping monkey tabletop game allows children to learn social skills while helping them build their problem-solving skills at the same time. Apart from this, the tabletop game is also one of the finest target practice game for kids, and also helps improve hand-eye coordination of the player.

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How to play the Jumping Monkeys tabletop game?

  • Firstly, place the tree stand on an even surface.
  • Now, each player takes turns to shoot the monkeys such that they land on one of the hoops on the tree stand.
  • The miniature monkeys are to be launched with the help of a catapult exclusive to each of the players.
  • The player who shoots the maximum number of monkeys and lands them correctly on the hoops wins the Jumping Monkeys tabletop game.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many catapults are there?

    This tabletop action game consists of 4 catapults.

  • Is this game suitable for birthday parties for kids?

    Yes, this tabletop game is a suitable option for birthday party games for kids.

  • Can this game be played by a 9 year old kid?

    Yes. This action game is suitable to be played by kids aged 5 years and above.

  • Is this a suitable option for games for girls?

    Yes. Jumping Monkey tabletop action game is a suitable option for games for girls/ games for boys.

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