Logo Sequence board game - Learn 59 company logos in fun way
Logo Sequence board game - Learn 59 company logos in fun way
Logo Sequence board game - Learn 59 company logos in fun way
Logo Sequence board game - Learn 59 company logos in fun way

Logo Sequence board game - Learn 59 company logos in fun way

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Product Information

Involve Me and I learn ! Yes! Based on this ideology, we have designed this beautiful Logo Sequence Game ! There are logos of important banks, FMCGs, cars etc which if kids know, in real life, they would instantly connect when they see them around on buildings and surroundings! This game is simple to play and doesn’t need too much instruction reading and understanding!

AIM: Whoever makes the first sequence of 4 same coloured coins, wins!


  1. enhancing General Knowledge about these companies
  2. improves short-term memory
  3. helps in Strategy Building
  4. teaches kids to play in a group
  5. helps them in real life to know what does these companies do and how are they an important part of our life


  1. Everyone gets 3 cards in hand and rest cards are in a deck.
  2. Each player chooses their color of chips and hence takes all 20 chips with them.
  3. Board is placed in center. It can be played with 2 to 4 players.


  1. Player 1 puts one card from his hand and hence places his chip on the board over that logo picture. He picks up the top card on the deck. His turn is done!
  2. Now next player sitting in a clockwise direction follows the same steps.
  3. The player has to strategize and plan so that each time he places the chip on board, there are more chances to make a sequence of 4 chips sooner.
  4. There is a twist of Angel card and Monster Card
  5. ANGEL CARD: With this card, the player can put a chip on any free logo space he likes 
  6. MONSTER CARD:  With this card, the player can simply remove any other player's chip from any logo. ( Note: He cannot place there unless he gets an angel card),  So the first player to make a sequence of 4 same color chips, wins! It's a fun, interesting Family Game!

DURATION: 20 minutes.

PLAYERS : 2 to 4


All the images used in this product are logos of reputed companies and institutions. The main mission behind using them is to impart knowledge about them and their companies to kids and people around them. Kids of this generation and many coming generations should know about these important companies, what purpose they are for and how they are helping in our life. 

  • Age: 5 Years and Above
  • Content: 1 cardboard game, playing 80 round chips, 63 playing cards (59 logo cards, 2 angel cards and 2 monster cards)
  • Product Dimensions (approx)L 10 x B 10 x H 30 cm
  • Brand: My House Teacher
  • Country: India


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