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Magnetic Chess Game (Foldable Board)

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Product Information

Invented in the 8th century in India, and initially known as Chatrang, this game has witnessed many changes over time. First changed by the Persians, Arabs, and then ultimately the medieval Europeans, who developed the pieces' names and appearances to what it is adapted as today. 

When statistically evaluated, there are about 120 million games possible in chess! Yes, you read that right! So there is actually no scope of you getting bored or feeling the game to be repetitive! 

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet actually! The board is smooth but you don’t have to worry about your pawn not staying in its space, the power of magnets got your back! As the name suggests, this chess set is magnetic! So if you are one of those people who love chess but hate it when your pieces won’t stay in their place, this game toy is your match made in heaven! 

Bigger the board, better the fun, right? This chess game set compared to the other one is bigger in size and gives you more play area.

Teaching your kids chess and about magnets, all at the same time is now made fun, via Like how magnets are used in refrigerator doors, in microwaves, in controlling the motion of roller coasters, and even in mobile phones! And let’s not forget, chess sharpens your mind and cognitive abilities, helps you think more critically, and solve problems better! 

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  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups 
  • Age: 5 years and above
  • Contents: 1 Magnetic Chess Board Set 
  • Box Dimensions (approx): 39 cm (length) x 21 cm (width) x 4.5 cm (height)
  • Product Dimension (approx): The board measures 35.5 cm (length) x 35.5 cm (width) 
  • Brand: Sun Enterprises
  • Country of Origin: India 
  • Category: Board Games
  • Related Category: Tabletop Games, Blocks & PuzzlesArt and Craft Games

How to use: 

  • When the children actually play with the magnetic chess game playset they will learn concepts about magnetism. Like how Magnets are surrounded by an invisible magnetic field, they generate a noncontact force, they can play in the ground and pick up natural iron from their backyard. 
  • Through this magnetic chess game, is a great unisex educational game that will help children in being engaged and learn via fun. Magnetic games are a great idea for game nights and make for a good family game also. They will get a fundamental lesson in the world of physics through a real-life and fun practical! After all the best way to actually grasp the concepts of science is by practically witnessing the magic happen! 
  • Compared to conventional games and toys this magnetic playset game comes equipped to you with the necessary to make your playtime even more interesting! This even makes for a great party favor idea at children’s birthday parties and other children’s events! Makes for a great gift for children of all ages and especially under 5, compared to clothes or something to eat, as it is of utility to them and will be long lasting. Good gift for girls, gift for teenagers, and a good gift for boys. It is a good gift for children of all ages, especially for children 5 and above!
  • Magnetic chess is a great teaching game toy your child about science the fun way has just been made easier for you! This educational toy will be a great hit for children of all ages! Learning about the world around them through this stem learning tool at a very young age and knowing the science behind most of the daily objects in life will naturally spike the curiosity of the children and make them more intuitive.

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