Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)

Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)

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Product Information

Growing up up all of us have had difficulties with the most dreaded subject - maths.  Make sure your child doesn't go to the same by getting this Maths Jigsaw Puzzle( Learn Addition) game.  The child can match the numbers and the number sentences correctly to form beautiful pictures. Puzzle games and brain teasers fun and educational ways of learning.  Your child will no more be afraid of the word maths. The game comes with three playboards,  3 sets of puzzles with 25 pieces in each, and special dice to play the game. The focus of the educational game for kids is that the players have to add numbers with sums within 20.  Your child's mathematical skills along with problem solving skills will increase after playing this fun puzzle game for toddlers and kids.

Addition is a very basic mathematical function that every child has to know.  The ear of maths should not keep the child from the best learning process.  Get the maths Jigsaw puzzle game for toddlers and make sure that their logical skills and cognitive skills improve as they grow up. The puzzle game comes with brightly colored playboards and puzzle set that will surely attract your little one to play this game more often.

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How to play Maths Puzzle game?
  • Each player will get one play board and a matching puzzle before the game starts.
  • The players will have to separate the puzzle pieces and put the picture down beside them.
  • The player who rolls a 3 on the dice starts the game.
  • The number that the player’s role will tell them how many puzzle pieces they need to put on the board.
  • They need to read the number sentence that they have received. There is a number sentence then the player must solve it and put the puzzle piece on the answer with the picture side up.
  •  If the player finds just the number then they need to find the corresponding number sentence from the board.  The player needs to put the puzzle piece on the number sentence with the picture side up.
  • The player with no puzzle pieces left will become the winner of the game. 
  • If all the numbers and number pieces match correctly, then the picture would form on the board without any error. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is a jigsaw puzzle?

    A jigsaw puzzle is a game of interlocking differently shaped pieces so that they fit perfectly to form a particular picture.

  • Is the game suitable for a 4 year old?

    No. Animal Series jigsaw puzzle game is suitable for kids aged 5  years and above.

  • Does the puzzle require a battery?

    No, this jigsaw puzzle game works without a battery.

  • Is the game suitable for kids?

    Yes, this jigsaw puzzle game is a great buy for kids!

  • How long does it take to complete the puzzle?

    The time taken to complete the jigsaw puzzle game varies from person to person, depending upon the speed of the person.

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