Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)
Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)
Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)
Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)
Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)

Mechanix Robotix 3 - STEM Game For Kids (Engineering Game)

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Looking for STEM toys for kids that push them away from the screens and back into the world of toys and games? We have the perfect learning game for your kids! The mechanix robotix 3 is one of the best STEM games and brain game you can buy for your kids. If playing with building blocks or regular construction games is too mainstream for you then this STEM game engineering set is here to save your day. 

Mechanix robotix 3 is a robotics game by zephyr toys has 215 pieces (phew) to help you and your kid create cars and planes. It is one of the engineering games that improve eye-hand coordination and forces you to think on your feet. But that’s not all, you will also receive a DIY manual and a high-powered motor that will help you create the best models and then bring them to life. Selecting the right indoor games that are also brain game and robotics game for kids can be a tough task as most games fail to retain their attention but the mechanix games are some fun games to play. Not to forget that it also supports STEM education in kids. 

So, add the mechanix robotix 3 to your cart if you haven’t already and spend this weekend creating some wonderful models with your kids. Develop fine motor skills in kids using this problem-solving game and make sure to check out the other educational games in our collection to promote STEM for kids. 

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  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups
  • Age: 7 years and above
  • Contents: 1 Mechanix Robotix 3 game, 1 Instruction manual (215 pieces)
  • Battery: Required (Included in the kit)
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: Zephyr
  • Box Dimensions: 40 x 28.5 x 5.5 cm

How to Use 

  • Use the mechanix robotix 3 building game as the next STEM project for kids which will improve their overall cognitive development and add knowledge games to their collection. 
  • Unpack the mechanix robotix 3 and gather the 215 pieces and parts that you will be using to assemble models cars and planes. 
  • Open the DIY manual received along with the construction game and select the model you and your little one will be building together. 

  • Assemble the pieces and add some batteries to ensure your model is ready to function. Use it as a science project or just another indoor games to play with your kids. 

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