Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)
Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)

Name Place Animal Thing (Cards Game)

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Product Information

Remember those childhood days of playing the infamous Name Place Animal Things on the last page of your notebooks in class? Buckle up as all the memories will be rushing back with the new Name Place Animal Thing card game in your hands. Not only does the Name Place Animal Thing card game offer the feel of the nostalgic classic, but this unique game amps up the fun to uncharted limits with wild twists! 

The cards transform the experience of the pen and paper game into a compact, colourful, easy-to-play crowd-puller at any house party. The evergreen game is enjoyed by people of all age groups, genders and realms due to its uncomplicated and engrossing nature. On top of that, the card game also adds Wild Cards that can reshape the entire flow of the game. From stealing from the opponent’s set to swapping your entire hand for a brand new one, the Name Place Animal Thing card game merges the thrill of the best strategy games with the simplicity of your childhood favourite.

So revise your knowledge of the world and get ready for the ultimate game to play with friends and family with Name Place Animal Thing. Our place is Memoryland, what’s yours?

family and friends nightfree shipping on online paymentall age groupsMade In india

  • No. of players: 2 or more
  • Age: 14 years and above
  • Contents: 150 Cards (145 game cards and 5 rule cards), 1 Illustrated rule book, 1 rigid durable box
  • Battery: Not required
  • Brand: Patang Games
  • Also ideal for family and friends game night
  • Card Dimensions: 3.5 inches (length) x 2.25 inches (width)
  • Material: Paper
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Category- Card Games
  • Related Category- Fun Board GamesInteresting Party GamesMultiplayer GamesBestselling GamesGifts for BoysGifts for Girls
  • The images are actual product images. In the printing process, slight variations in colour and defects are natural. However, these variations do not disrupt regular gameplay

How to Play ?

  • From the deck of 150 cards, the players are dealt 5 playing cards each. The others remain in the draw-pile. The objective of this best card game for house parties is to make a collection of 3 sets, each set having a Name, Place, Animal and Thing card with the same alphabet.

  • The players have to put down a play card from their hand face-up in their collection and say aloud a word that fulfills the mentioned category starting with the given letter. Then he/she shall draw a new card from the draw pile. The words cannot be repeated.

  • If any player is unable to say a word or repeats one, they will have to skip a turn. 

  • Each alphabet card is vertically flippable, that is, they have two alphabets and categories. A player can use one turn to add a card to another set in the collection after flipping it. This adds another layer to the already thrilling game experience.

  • To intensify the card game experience are 3 kinds of Power-Up Cards: Pick 1, Steal 1 and the Change 1 card. Pick 1 card allows the player to draw 2 cards on the turn they use the power-up. The Change 1 card allows the player to change one card from their hand with one from the draw pile. The Steal 1 card allows a player to take one of the opponent’s cards from their collection. The Power-up cards have to be placed face-up in the collection to use them.

  • There amongst these beautifully designed cars there are also 5 kinds of Bonus Cards: Steal Set, Lock Set, Blank ‘?’, Super Card and the Change All card. The Steal Set card allows for the player to steal a complete or incomplete set of cards from the opponent’s collection. The Lock Set card can be placed face-up on a set to protect it from being stolen. The Blank ‘?’ card has only a category mentioned and while putting it down, it can be used to denote any letter of the alphabet. The Super Card is an upgrade on the Blank ‘?’ card and denotes any alphabet in any category of the player’s choice. The Change All card allows the player to swap the entire hand he/she has for a new one from the draw pile, while the card itself goes in the bottom of the pile.

  • One of the best selling fun games to play with friends, the card game is a must have that you need to add to your collection. This unique game caters to all age groups. You can play this game with your kids as this is a great option if you are looking for a brain game. Also, the game makes for a great house party games that you and your friends will definitely enjoy playing. 

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