Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy
Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy
Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy
Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy
Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy

Pig’s Hog Rocket- Angry Bird Race Car Toy

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Who doesn’t love a powerful villain? But when you add to the notorious nature of theirs, the cuteness of the green pigs from the Angry Birds games, nothing can get more adorable! The Maisto Angry Birds Crasher: Pig’s Hog Rocket is an amazing looking toy car that features an adorable bad piggy figurine placed on a futuristic blue rocket. The toy is a pull back to move and is a ridiculously fast vehicle on any surface, indoors or outdoors. The model is incredibly detailed and even features the pig wearing a vintage pilot’s aviator hat. The toy vehicle is one of a kind with respect to both it’s wild styling and popping colours. 

The crasher is a brilliant children’s toy car. It is an incredibly fast moving car with abilities of performing amazing stunts when they are driven through ramps and hurdle courses. With the crashers kids can have an amazing time with all of their friends as they play around with the storyline of the original Angry Birds movies or games. Get the Pig’s Hog Rocket and twist the plot to a different turn where the hogs overpower the birds. These toy cars are official Angry Birds merchandise pieces and are must-have collectible items for the collectors of Angry Birds toys. The model vehicles serve as brilliant gifts for kids of any age due to the dual appeal of their loved game characters added over the presence of a beautifully designed superfast car. You can even use the crashers in your plans for room decoration, particularly your decoration ideas for desks and shelves. The great design and colourful toys add a very pretty element to absolutely any setting. So if you are into Angry Birds collectibles or are in the market for some amazing Angry Bird race car toys, get the Pig’s Hog Rocket crasher now and start building your own collection of the most adorable villains of all time.

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How can you use it?

  1. The Maisto Angry Birds crashers are an absolute favourite of the collectors of Angry Birds merchandise. So if you want to build your own collection, why not start with the charming little bad piggies? The notorious green pigs are eagerly waiting to get added to your collection of the most awesome toy vehicles with their gigantic rocket.
  2. Pig’s Hog Rocket is an amazing toy car for kids to play with. Added to the fact that it’s their favourite superstars from the Angry Birds Games they also get a superfast toy that they can play with on absolutely any surface, be it the indoors on tiled floor or outdoors on rugged ground. These toys are great to use as racer cars and stunt cars. Just pull them back and see them zap through the race-tracks.
  3. The toy crashers are beautifully made with premium build quality and astonishing detailing. These colourful toys for kids are not limited to being just that. They are amazing tools of decor. They can add flair and be a centre of attraction to any room.
  4. Use the Angry Birds toy cars as brilliant photography props. Be it sitting in the background, or adding to the glory of your setup decoration, these race-cars are built not only for the tracks but also as niche, beautiful models that get people to ask you, “Where did you get that?”

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