Creative's Tangram Set Puzzle For Kids

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Product Information

Tangram is the classic Chinese game of shapes that includes 7 tans or shapes that form the base of our puzzle game. This tangram set is truly a unique game for kids and adults which will open up their brain cells and enhance their visual perceptual skills. 

Using only the seven tans- 2 big triangles, 1 medium-sized triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram, the tangram puzzle can make hundreds of designs and shapes which is astonishing, to say the least. We don’t see a lot of fun puzzles for adults but this tangram puzzle is a great game for both kids and adults alike, with its objective to develop problem solving skills, observation skills, visual spatial skills, hand eye coordination, and creativity in players. This game of shapes gives free rein to create what you desire using the tans, however, to help inspire you there is an instruction booklet with 256 figures whose solutions are given at the back. 

The tangram set is one of the best brain puzzle games which is absolutely safe for kids. It involves easy tangram puzzles and tough puzzles for adults as well, to make it an interesting puzzle game for all! So, why the wait, take family bonding time to next level with this fun tangram game. 

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How to play Tangram puzzle game?

Objective: To recreate Tangram shapes.

  • Tangram puzzles come in the form of outlines that are constructed via a combination of all the seven tans.
  • The player has to re-create the tangram puzzle shapes by figuring out the orientation of each tan.
  • In the book of tangram puzzles, the completed tangrams show the outlines of the individual tans, but the puzzles don't.
  • Each completed tangram must contain all seven tans
  • The tans cannot overlap each other and have to form a continuous shape.
  • Remember: Each tan must be touching at least one other tan.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What can we do with tangrams?

    Tangrams are an excellent way to improve one's mental ability. You can create and recreate various shapes with the Tangram puzzle game.

  • What are the seven shapes in a Tangram?

    A Tangram puzzle game consists of the following seven shapes- 5 triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram.

  • Who invented Tangram?

    Tangram puzzle game was popularized by Sam Loyd through his book The Eighth Book of Tan.

  • Is the puzzle game suitable for a 7 year old?

    Yes. Tangram is suitable for players aged 5 years & above.

  • What is the material used?

    Tangram Puzzle Game is made of plastic material.

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