Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag (with Detachable Strap)
Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag (with Detachable Strap)
Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag (with Detachable Strap)
Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag (with Detachable Strap)

Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag (with Detachable Strap)

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Product Information

It's time to put all your worries aside! Unicorns are here to the rescue with these cute silicone sling pouch bags. A compact and easy to hang sling bag that takes care of your essentials. It’s an amalgamation of interesting colours that match your every mood with enticing minimalistic details  with colourful  strap.  Single compartment with a zip closure to secure all your contents along with a detachable strap that makes the Unicorn Silicone Sling double up as pouch as well as sling-bag

Whoever said Unicorns are not cool, now is your chance to prove them wrong, with this cute Silicon pouch! Bring home the mystical creature that looks like a beautiful hybrid of a horse and a rhino and get the best of both worlds! 

The cute and fun detailing over the unicorn pouch will make you swoon! You have 2 color options, pure white and pastel pink to choose from. The little horn on top of the unicorn is in golden yellow color and the cute expression of it, winking with one eye makes it all the more adorable! 

How to use:

  • When being used as a children’s pouch, this bag can easily become their go-to bag for every occasion! It will even match with their colorful frocks and shirts and add more to their cuteness! When children are going on a hike or a picnic, they can easily carry all their essentials in this bag, like hand sanitizer, mask, and maybe even their favorite doll or teddy! This multipurpose and colorful pouch is a must-have and easy to use for all ages! Get this gender-neutral pouch home and use it yourself or as a gift for children! 

  • Alternatively, adults or teenagers may also use this pouch as a fashion statement or as an accessory to complete their outfits! It is a good utility bag and will be able to fit all the essentials anyone would need to run an errand in their neighborhood! 

  • Or be bold and carry it in your unisex pouch when you are going to music festivals and need something minimalist but yet quirky! The opportunities with this cute sling bag are endless!

  • This even makes for a great party favor idea at children’s birthday parties and other children’s events! Makes for a great gift for children of all ages and especially under 5, compared to clothes or something to eat, as it is of utility to them and will be long lasting. This  Unisex bag is a good gift for girls and a great gift for boys. 

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  • Age: 3 year olds and above
  • Contents: Unicorn Silicone Sling Pouch Bag 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Bag Dimensions: Height without strap (approx.)- 11.5 cms
  • Strap Length (Full Length): 112.5 cms
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Category : Home & Lifestyle
  • Related Category : Quirky Gifts, 3D Mugs, Keychains

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