Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game
Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game

Wooden String Hockey Tabletop Game

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Indoor games can take any gathering of friends and family to the next level. Transform your house parties and game nights with the absolutely stunning and super fun Sting Hockey Tabletop game. This is a very premium product made of high-grade materials that give it durability and a fine appearance. This wooden board game is perfect to play with friends and family as it has all the elements of an enthralling game like thrill and competitiveness. The package comes with a brilliant wooden game board, black coloured strikers and an elastic string to launch the coins in the desired direction. This fun activity for kids and adults is surely the best gift item you can get someone who loves the coolest indoor games.

The amazing indoor hockey game is a player versus player style action game where each player has his/her coins / strikers arranged on their sides of the board and an elastic launcher. There is a partition in the middle of the wooden game board with a slit in it through which only one striker can pass at a time. The players can pick one coin at a time and blast it using the elastic string to pass through the slit to the other sides. This is a perfect house party game to challenge your friends in and also an amazing indoor sports game for game night and family gatherings. Also makes for a great stress buster game. Get the absolutely captivating String Hockey Tabletop game today!

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    • No. of players: Can be played individually as well as in groups
    • Age: All age groups (not recommended for kids below 3 years of age)
    • Contents: 1 Wooden String Hockey Table with 10 strikers
    • Material: Wooden
    • Box Dimension: 62 cm (length) x 31.5 cm (width) x 4 cm (thickness) 
    • Product Dimension: The string hockey table measures 61 cm (length) x 30 cm (width) x 3 cm (thickness)
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Category: Tabletop Games
    • Related Category: Board Games, Card Games, Party Games for Grown Ups

    How to Play ?

    • The package of the String Hockey Tabletop game comes with an amazing wooden board that is durable and beautifully made, black coloured coins / strikers for each player and a pair of elastic strings to attach to the two sides of the board working as a catapult to launch the coins. The wooden toy game board has a central partition with a one coin thick slit in between.

    • The players start this amazing indoor hockey game by attaching their elastic strings to each side of the board and then arranging their coloured coins on their sides of the board. A countdown is done at the end of which the players simultaneously start launching their coins to win the amazing indoor sports game.

    • This amazing mini hockey action game, like other alternatives such as air hockey, is a super fun variant where the main aim of each player is to pass all of their coins to the other player’s side. As the players continuously shoot their coins with the string at the central gap, the coins collide and are displaced. 

    • The players, in this super fun game for kids and adults, can also strategise and try to push the opponent’s coin back to their sides by aiming and hitting them at the right spot. The game ends when either player has none of their own coins at their sides.

    • A must have stress buster game and perfect game to play with your friends and family and definitely during those amazing house parties. A great alternative to popular action tabletop games like carrom, snooker, air hockey etc

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