11 Highly Effective Brain Games for Kids Aged 3 to 12 Years

 In today's world, there are so many distractions that it's almost impossible for your young one to concentrate on things for a long time. The situation can be worse with easy access to unproductive screen time that causes distraction.

So, what can you do to improve your little one's concentration? Well, there are many games and activities you could get your kid to help boost up their brain activity and concentration.

In this guide, we'll take you through the 11 highly effective brain games for kids aged 3 to 12 years at Snooplay:

1. The Chathuranga board Game

An ancient strategy game that focuses on warfare and was used years ago in planning and plotting against the enemy. The best brain game to promote cognitive skills in your young one.


2. Brain builder wooden building plank blocks

Young geniuses need constant challenges and what’s better than this construction wooden block puzzle games that promote cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and sharpen fine motor skills?


3. Bubble machine circuit game- STEM games for kids

Such an innovative game results in learning as well as too much fun! Allow your kids to explore new innovations and create their own machines further engaging them in DIY games!


4. Magic magnetic blocks game (STEM GAME)

Consider this the modern-day version of your favourite building blocks toy set as a kid. In this STEM TOY, children have a ball where they get to stimulate themselves with sensory toys such as this magnetic one.


5. Memory skills (brain game)

Fun, educational and a total brain teaser! All in one!

This memory skill game not only improves the concentration of your young one but also makes sure you have a great time playing with them!


6. Mastermind – original mastermind by Hasbro, thinking strategy game!

Looking to solve secrets? Get to decoding with this mastermind game that is extremely thrilling and exciting.


7. Intelligence book-

Read and learn by sounds!

This brilliant game of learning comes in the form of a beautiful vibrantly colored book. Involve your kids into interactive experiences with this battery operated toy book where the activated book asks them to read about contents of a specific page, volume control and even ask them questions about what they have learnt. 


8. Science kit

STEM TOY, Electromagnetic circuit game. This amazing science game comes with an electromagnet, buzz wire game, electric bell and an electric motor in the box.

Help your little one learn and explore the realms of physics like never before with this super educational kit!


9. Smart cube- Coobic

The Coobic is designed to be engaging like cartoons, while being enriching like a teacher. The cube speaks excellent English and imparts knowledge about various topics relevant to your young one’s age.


10. The monkey & the crocodile story based puzzle- 4 in 1 jigsaw puzzle.

Educating kids about moral values is very vital to their learning and hence we found the perfect way to capture their interests while doing so! Story puzzles is the answer- the perfect learning activity ensuring that your kid’s development milestones are achieved!


11. Knowledge bank junior

Learning begins at home and if your kid has just started school, this educational game is the safest choice for them! This game has a variety of topics to learn about with different shapes, sizes and colours that make sure that there isn’t a dull moment.


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