Wooden and Board Games Based on Maths

Maths is a subject that isn’t liked very much, especially among children. So it becomes rather difficult for parents to inculcate in their child, a liking for this dreadful subject. Here are 8 wooden & board games based on Maths to make sure your little one grows up loving it:


  1. Maths Jigsaw Puzzle - Addition

Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)

    Oh, how boring are those long practice sessions with an infinite number of equations to solve?! Well, not anymore. With this Maths Jigsaw Puzzle, all the sessions are bound to be fun because it involves your little one solving basic mathematical equations on addition written on the puzzle pieces. Not only will this make the learning process more exciting, but it also allows children to sharpen basic calculation skills.


    1. Maths Jigsaw Puzzle – Multiplication & Addition

    Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Multipalication and Division)

      Add a delightful twist to your boring study time with this Maths Jigsaw Puzzle Game that not only sharpens your little one’s basic calculation skills but also makes the learning process more exciting. It is a super fun educational game where one has to solve basic equations on multiplication and division written on the puzzle pieces.


      1. Wooden Clock with Maths Puzzle and Blocks Kit

      Wooden Clock with Maths Puzzle and Blocks Kit (Learn Time, Counting & Numbers)

        Teach your little one about the wondrous concept of time and basic maths with this Wooden Clock that comes with a maths puzzle kit. The clock has movable hands which can be used to teach about time while the wooden blocks are to be placed according to the corresponding slot.


        1. Wooden multi-functional learning box

        Wooden Multi-Functional Learning Box

          Equipped with a set of mathematical calculations, an abacus, a game and a blackboard, this wooden multi-functional box caters to all the educational needs of your little one.


          1. 3 in 1 matching board

          3 In 1 Matching Board (Learn Numbers, colors, Counting & Shapes)

            Make your little one’s learning process easy and fun with this matching board that is uniquely shaped in such a way that requires your little one fitting appropriate blocks in the corresponding slots. It helps in learning about not only numbers but shapes and even colors.


            1. 32 pieces boxed digits

            32 Pieces Boxed Digits (Wooden Numbers and Symbols)

              This box has magic inside it because it comes with block pieces of numbers and basic symbols that are guaranteed to make your regular maths session super fun and exciting, and it is also accompanied with a mathematical practice sheet.


              1. Spellex Calqlative

              Spellex Calqlative (Crossword & Maths Game)

                One can only study too much maths without wanting to dwell into the world of words. With this Spellex Calqlative, one can enjoy the best of both the worlds – Maths + Vocabulary, where one side is dedicated to the English language while other is dedicated to maths. How cool and exciting is that?


                1. Learning kit

                Learning Kit Big (Alphabet, Words & Abacus)

                  Equipped with alphabets, corresponding images and abacus, this toy is a complete package that will take care of all the basic education needs for your little one. Besides having vibrant colours to capture your child’s attention, it is also easy to use.


                  1. Educational Kit Bucket Blocks

                  Educational Kit Bucket Blocks (Learn English Words, Numbers, Animals)

                    Here’s presenting a bucket full of fun and learning for your little one with this Educational Kit of blocks which will help children learn about numerals, words of the English language and even recognize animals. 


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