How Have Brain Puzzles for Kids Evolved Over the Years

We wouldn’t be lying if we said that puzzles are always on top of our list when we are looking for games for kids, and that is because they are multifunctional. Brain puzzles for kids power up their critical thinking skills, help increase productivity, and are fun games to play on a quiet day in. 

But you’d be living under a rock if you think puzzle games like the old traditional animal puzzles can hold the attention of your little ones for a long time. Well, they can be fun but they are still not as captivating as the newly launched puzzles for kids that are innovative, interesting, and have many concepts other than just animals, numbers, or alphabets. Don’t get us wrong, ABC puzzles and number puzzles are very vital when you’re thinking of them as preschool activities or preschool games but why settle for only them when you can also have more? 

Since the early years, we focus on giving the kids the best games to play so that they can improve the development in children. Wooden puzzles have been a parent favorite, mostly because they also are sustainable toys. But using only wooden puzzles like the animal puzzles with lift-out figures can not power creativity and imagination, what you need is something like the creative’s tangram set. This wooden puzzle will allow your kids to become imaginative and create shapes. 

Puzzling or playing with puzzle games is also a hobby that many parents want to pass on to their kids, but that also means that the puzzle games have to be creative enough that they can hold the little munchkin’s attention. While the simple stacking puzzles which were used in earlier years add a touch of authenticity, they just won’t do if you are a Gen Z kid. So to counter this grave problem, there are new kinds of puzzle games to encourage building a hobby of puzzling in kids and grownups alike, while enjoying solving puzzles at the same time. The Jenga tower game is one such evolved puzzle game that works wonders with both kids and grownups and increases cognitive development in children. 

The most important point is that now puzzle games do not require you to just pick up and fix. While jigsaw puzzles are our favorite, and we have quite a few of them in our collection, mechanic puzzles are much more comprehensive. They power creation and allow both parents and kids to come together to create and solve problems by finding the right answer. 

Now that we have finally understood how brain puzzles for kids have evolved over the years, we thought we may list out some puzzle games you can enjoy with family. 

  • Electronic puzzle games

  • Safe to say that electronic puzzles are the new puzzles for the kids of today who can not survive without technology. Some puzzle games like the intellikids and electro board are educational games that require the kids to solve problems, upon which the board lights up! These electronic puzzle games are an interesting choice when looking for new edgy brain puzzles for kids. 

  • Jigsaw puzzles with a twist

  • Gone are the days when you only had options of sunsets, beaches, and parks as jigsaw puzzles, not that we think they were in any way less entertaining. But what’s better is having variety, different kinds of jigsaw puzzles that make for fun games to play. One such jigsaw puzzle is the what’s my opposite jigsaw puzzles that force children and adults to use their brains to solve these amazing brain puzzles and brain teasers. Another interesting jigsaw puzzle you can buy online from snooplay is the know your world jigsaw puzzle, which will not only be a great learning tool but will fuel the drive to travel in kids. 

  • Wooden fruits and number puzzles

  • When we say brain puzzles for kids have evolved, we don’t mean that we have gone away from the roots. We still adore little kids who enjoy playing with ABC puzzles or numerical puzzles. Wooden ABC puzzles are not hard to find, but finding a new innovative shape and color puzzle can be a task. So, we have fun with shapes and colors by creatives, that you can use to learn about new objects and animals. The alphabet fun puzzle game is also another of the ABC puzzles that we bet you’ll enjoy. 

  • Educational puzzles

  • What better way to introduce preschool activities and preschool games rather than educational puzzles. Follow it up by a treat on finding the right answer or assembling the right shape and you have successfully managed to improve problem solving skills in children. Educational puzzles like the math puzzles and abacus are in our collection and ready to be added to your cart so go ahead! 

    This concludes our blog on the evolution of brain puzzles for kids and how you can get the best puzzle games online to make sure you and your kids have brain teasers to solve. Do check out the blocks & puzzles collection for more such puzzle games at snooplay.

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