Pulling & Friction Toys

All of us have played with pulling and friction toys at some point in our lives. These ever classic, simple and fun push toys for babies are not only safe but also hold a great educational value as they introduce the concept of friction and power to the sharp minds of our young kids. Thus, we also have numerous car games for kids so that they can learn and enjoy from these toys and you stay carefree! Our toys include a range of mini vehicles, monster trucks, bikes, construction toys, helicopter toy, wooden pull-along toys, and many others for toddlers, newborn babies and young kids. These adorable small toy cars need no batteries, no hassle, and no complexity: the instructions are simple, just get the toy and play along! Not only this, we also have a wide range of remote control cars, educational wooden toys, barbies, toy guns, stuffed toys, ride on toys and many others, so just scroll through our website, and buy one buy all!

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