Wooden Games & Toys

If you are tired by all the plastic counterfeit toys out there, then you need to check out our amazing range of premium wooden toys that encompass high quality, safe use and huge fun! This range includes a huge variety of toys for young kids from 6-month baby toys to toys for 2 year olds, such as pull along toys, ride on toys, musical boxes, intelligence boxes, and other multipurpose toys. We have the carpenter tool box game set for your in house carpenter, the wooden clock with maths puzzle for you little mathematician, the wooden Chakla Belan for your young chef, magnetic chess for your smart kid, painting set for your artist and many more products to cater to all your kids ambitions. Further, this category has you and me covered too! From bed tables and desk organizer for work, to darts or jenga for game nights, our wooden products are for all ages and all occasions. So why are you still reading? Go check it out now, and get everything you need and much more!

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