Water Bottles & Sippers

Do you have a thirst for good bottles, bags, lunch boxes and all things ‘back to school’? Are you also looking for your ideal companion to quench your thirst on the go? Are you also bored of your old, classic steel or plastic bottles and looking for the new stylish water bottle to keep your drinks cool, just like yourself? If so, then Snooplay is the place for you. With quirky designs and easy to carry built, our wide range of bottles online will be perfect for your daily hustle and bustle. Besides being convenient, these can also serve as a super cool fashion accessory for a day out with friends, family or the special someone. Our range includes trendy water bottles for your young fashionista, avenger’s heros plastic bottle for the superhero nerd, the timeless Dublin bottles for the classic lovers, Dubblin trump water bottles for the fitness freak and many more of all colors, shapes and sizes, so that you never go thirsty again! So, what are you waiting for? Quench your thirst with our amazing water bottles and never be dehydrated again

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