Blindness refers to a complete or partial loss of vision.

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Children with disabilities should have the same fun and joy with this and games like able bodied kids. Many children with visual impairment miss out on the fun of a good board game or a card game because they can't see what is happening. Just because many of us are able bodied and can see, we don't worry about what it is for a blind person. Be it chess, UNO, or checkers, someone with visual impairment should not just be able to play, but play with everyone else if they really want. We at snooplay take exclusivity very seriously and we are bringing games like Snake and Ladders, Chess and Ludo in Braille. Braille chess and Braille ludo can help those who can't see snd through the sense of touch they can identify and play the games without any problems. Games for blind need to be made specifically so that they do not find it difficult to navigate the game. Many young kids end up getting isolated because their disability is not taken into consideration. Toys and games must be made in a way that everyone can enjoy together. It 


Games for blind

Many games like Ludo and Snake and Ladders are so simple and each of them has played them since we were kids. But many children with disabilities and special needs children are left of out these early experiences. Even when they are involved, it’s always with extra consideration, as if they can’t play on their own. Eventually, they don’t feel like playing with other able bodied kids. But this does not have to continue. We bring the games for the blind and toys for blind kids, which are made in a way that it becomes easy to understand and play with. Their disability is not put aside. Braille Chess Board Game is made for those with visual defects or any issues in their vision. Braille chess has the shapes of the pieces made in ways that it’s easier for the visually impaired to pick up on which piece is which and further these have braille which has dots on them which makes it easy to distinguish them. The Braille Crossword Scrabble is another great braille game where the letters are written in braille along with the English alphabets. Braille UNO Card Game for Blind will be perfect for someone who loves twists and turns. These cards have the braille names of the numbers and action cards on the card. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the game and no one is left out. 


Toys for blind kids

Toys and games are one of the joys of childhood which everyone should be able to enjoy. Sadly, the world we live in keeps this away from children with disabilities. Kids with special needs need to be treated the same way that any other able bodied child is treated. Inclusivity is at the core here at Snooplay and we are bringing to you the best toys for blind kids. If you have a child with visual problems, and you are wondering how to make his or her, then you should get this Braille Sudoko Puzzle Wooden Board game. This wooden game is best if your child is a growing genius. Sudoku is a difficult game, and many blind kids who might enjoy it are not able to explore it because of the disability. Braille Wooden Tic Tac Toe is another great toy for blind kids. You can hold the pieces of tic tac toe and thus know which symbol is kept where. There are many activities for blind people which they can play along with other able bodied folks, or by themselves. But the space for enjoying a game must be created to enjoy to the fullest. 


Board games for blind

Children love board games and they are always extremely excited to play any board game. Many children with disabilities are left out and made to feel isolated because even though they want to play board games like every other child, they can’t. The board games are all made in a way that one engages with them visually more than anything. People with visual defects, therefore, find it extremely difficult to engages with such games. Inclusion is key when it comes to toys and games, and we have made sure that every kid gets to enjoy the board games. Check out the Braille Wooden Folding Chess Set which someone with visual impairment can engage with easily probably checkmate you as well. If Braille checkers is something your friend is interested in, you should get this hand painted board game for them. Board games like Braille Snake and Ladders will give them the chance to have fun with everyone else and these can be used specifically for activities for blind people as well. These wooden board games would be a great gift for blind people. 

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