Battery Operated Toys

No matter how many new cool games arrive, remote controlled toys are and have been the coolest thing to have. Almost every other kid, and sometimes adult too, is seen playing with or wanting to play with the fancy battery operated toys at all times. Snooplay understood this craze and bought for you an amazing range of battery operated toys for kids, including both the classic jewels and new trending games. Remote control car, battery powered lamps, hover soccer, transformer car, rc trucks, tanks and even robots; You name it we have it. Gift these to someone or be your own santa claus, get it for your younger brother or your elder one, for you son or daughter, or maybe just for your collection, that’s up to you, but we guarantee that we’ll have the biggest baddest bestest toys in store for you! So just Snoop into Snooplay; the one stop where you can find all games!

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