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    Toys for newborn and babies 

We all want the best toys and games for our little ones to play with, but kids get bored with toys so quickly that it becomes a headache to find new and interesting toys for them to enjoy. Further, the beginning years of a child’s life are so crucial and every little thing can impact their education and development, specially the toys they play with, and that is why need to put immense importance on it. So, what do you do? Now, has for you authentic, educational, and fun baby toys of all ranges so that you don’t need to worry about all this ever again. Just go to the snooplay website, and find a huge range of newborn baby toys from wooden toys to Barbie toys, from ride on toys to transformer toys, from educational toys to toys for special needs, we have it all! This online toy store will not only give you all the popular and new toys but also give you a wide range of playthings to choose from. So, just head on to Snooplay to find everything you need and leave all your worries and headaches behind!


  Toys for girls

Whether it’s pink or red, powerpuff girls or frozen’s else, a cute Barbie doll or a girl power pencil box, buying toys for girls is no piece of cake. And among all these 100 designs, styles, colors and patterns, how do you know what is the most trending toy or which color is the most popular? Well, we have all of this sorted for you! At we have for you, a range of amazing girls’ toys online for you to choose from. We understand the current trends and we know how important it is for a girl to get her doll right, and that is why we spend great efforts to get the best, prettiest and sassiest toy for all the strong girls out there! From toy kitchen sets, to doctor sets, from unique baby girl toys to the trendiest teenager products, there won’t be anything that your girl needs and we don’t have. So, what are you waiting for? We’ll make sure that your powerful girl gets the toy she deserves, and all you need is to browse our toys store and shop all you can!


  Toys for boys –

The same car, the same old blocks, the same old figures; we love our classics, but when will there be new toys for boys? Well, fret not! We have for you the latest collection of toys, including both cool big boys’ toys and fun toys for little boys to keep your mischievous young ones entertained. Whether it’s your younger brother’s birthday, your son’s result day, any festival or even an anniversary with your boyfriend, this toy shop has you covered! In our wide range of products, you’ll find cool car toys, educational block sets, interesting mechanics toys, superhero action figures, school and office supplies, and everything else that you need! We take away your burden of going to different stores, going through 100 products just to get confused and putting tremendous effort into selecting the toy that your naughty one finally likes. Instead, snooplay will be your one and only stop to get the toys you need, no matter your age or preference! Just go on our website, find everything you want, and shop comfortably in your house, and we’ll do the rest!


  Educational toys – 

Toys play a huge role in a kids overall learning and development, especially during the early blooming years, making it immensely important to get the right toy, for you and your kid. But having to spend hours and hours to find toys for 1 year old is not only cumbersome but seems like wasted effort, given that they’ll grow out of it in no time. But fret not, we have you covered! We have a bunch of fun educational toys for kids so that you don’t have anything to worry about. From multifunctional wooden toys, to pull-along toys, from crossword to mechanix, we have toys for all ages, all developmental goals and all needs. Not only this, we take great pride in having a separate range of toys for kids with special needs, all because we wanted to ensure that we leave no one out of the fun! Our toys will not only keep your kids busy and happy, but also leave you satisfied and stress-free. So, what are you still thinking about? Check out our range of educational games; your and your child’s common favorite place!


  Toys for Kids with Special Needs – 

At snooplay, we have all things fun: for everyone, everywhere, every time, and this includes our special line of products catered expressly for kids with special needs.Our team personally surveyed many schools and organisations for special-needs, collected feedback and conducted researches to ensure that our products are safe, useful and fun, so that you and your child have nothing to worry about!From big accessories to small toys,from toys for Autism, blindness, Speech & Hearing Impairment to toys for special developmental goals, and from fun games to educational toys, this assortment has it all! This includes products like handiwriter, digit fidget, tom cat toy and others which are simple, easy to use and at the same time, tried and tested, to ensure best results. Overall, they can be a great way to help children learn and develop, while having fun. So, stop at this toy shop now, and buy all you can!


  Musical toys for Kids/Toddlers – 

In this era of online games and game boy, while many have forgotten the classic golden games, snooplay has in store all the old gold. We have for you, all those musical toys that you played with throughout your childhood, and now, they’re here for your little ones to enjoy and laugh along! While watching your little ones play with intelligent tom cat, drum beat set, bunny piano or fashion microphone you can reminiscence all your early days! Not only this, these melodious toys will keep your kids busy and away from electronic devices, and keep you entertained in the process. Your talented little ones deserve nothing but the best because of which these toys are specially tailored to help your kids gain confidence and enjoy. Lastly, we can guarantee you that these loveable toys will be your kids favourite thing to play with and who knows they might even inspire the musical note in your kid to be the next Michael Jackson! So, scroll through our website now and find everything that you love!

  Battery Operated Toys – 

No matter how many new cool games arrive, remote controlled toys are and have been the coolest thing to have. Almost every other kid, and sometimes adult too, is seen playing with or wanting to play with the fancy battery operated toys at all times. Snooplay understood this craze and bought for you an amazing range of battery operated toys for kids, including both the classic jewels and new trending games. Remote control car, battery powered lamps, hover soccer, transformer car, rc trucks, tanks and even robots; You name it we have it. Gift these to someone or be your own santa claus, get it for your younger brother or your elder one, for you son or daughter, or maybe just for your collection, that’s up to you, but we guarantee that we’ll have the biggest baddest bestest toys in store for you! So just Snoop into Snooplay; the one stop where you can find all games!


  Toy Guns for boys – 

Is your kid the unsung hero of the family, the strong fighter, lost in the world of tanks and toy guns? If so then, Snooplay has you covered! We have for you a sniper gun: for the commando kid, a laser sound gun: for the tuneful fighter, archery set: for the ‘shravan kumar’, and many more to satisfy every little desire of your adventurous little one. Not only this, we have the tools to go with it! With remote control tanks, fast die cast vehicles, soft bullets to play with and binoculars, we have everything to make the entire military ground in your home itself. And if this doesn’t satisfy you enough, you just need to sneak a peek into the other categories and find everything else there! So, couple your gun with a tank or couple it with other educational toys, art & craft games, card games or action games; all from the one stop for all things fun. It’s that simple!


  Baby Toys –

Our little ones are very precious, and so should be everything they use. From the soft toys they play with, to the wooden toys they learn from, everything needs to be nothing but original, safe and most importantly fun for them, and we ensure that it is! We have for you stuffed toys, learning and development toys, musical toys, baby rattles, ride on toys, baby care sets, accessories and every other kind of baby toy imaginable that you need in your child’s playroom. Not only this, we will be with you as your kid grows; starting from their basic needs of a potty-training seat to their learning ABC’s along with our multipurpose toys; moving on to them enjoying cars and guns or Barbie’s and playsets, and finally we’ll still be there to ensure that they have fun with their board games and drinking accessories! Snooplay will be with you and your little one for everything and every age!


Premium Wooden Toys  –

If you are tired by all the plastic counterfeit toys out there, then you need to check out our amazing range of premium wooden toys that encompass high quality, safe use and huge fun! This range includes a huge variety of toys for young kids from 6-month baby toys to toys for 2 year olds, such as pull along toys, ride on toys, musical boxes, intelligence boxes, and other multipurpose toys. We have the carpenter tool box game set for your in house carpenter, the wooden clock with maths puzzle for you little mathematician, the wooden Chakla Belan for your young chef, magnetic chess for your smart kid, painting set for your artist and many more products to cater to all your kids ambitions. Further, this category has you and me covered too! From bed tables and desk organizer for work, to darts or jenga for game nights, our wooden products are for all ages and all occasions. So why are you still reading? Go check it out now, and get everything you need and much more!


Non Toxic Durable Toys 

Kids love to play, move around and put anything in their mouths, but this can be a pain for the parents. No one wants their kid to put anything toxic or close to toxic in their mouths, and we understand that; what’s important to you is important to us! That is why we came out with a range of newborn baby toys that are non-toxic, durable and safe so that both you and your kids can enjoy without stress. Our range of wooden educational toys are not only safe but also supremely fun for your kids. Not only this, we have a wide variety of other toys ranging from stuffed toys, baby rattles, car toys, pulling and friction toys, ride on toys and baby accessories, and we always work hard to make sure you get nothing but original! Safety is supreme for us, we’re not a platform that will give you anything that sells, instead, we’ll make sure to get for you the best products we can so that you have nothing to worry about! So, browse through our section of baby toys and shop whatever you want without worrying!

    Soft Toys 

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear from time to time? With so many new toys and games evolving, the one thing that has stayed our favorite since the earliest of days is our classic stuffed toy. So how could we not have them? We have for you, handpicked, the most adorable cuddly creatures that we could find ranging from teddy bears, to baby dogs, smiling caterpillars and other all things cute. Whether you’re 5 or 15, you want to get it for yourself or gift someone, this product is universal! Babies, children, and let’s admit it, even certain adults would love to have this cuddlesome toy to snuggle next to, so time to get Mr. Bear and Mr. Unicorn home to make your mornings and evenings better! Not only this, once you hop onboard the Snooplay family, you will see that we have so many more products for every age group. From toys dolls to car toys, talking toys to puzzles, drinking games to baby accessories, we have it all! So, whether you want to get some cuddly little soft toy or some quick chic car (or any other toy imaginable), Snooplay is the one stop all e-store for you!


    Diecast Toys 

If you’re a geek about cars, bikes and all things diecast, then Snooplay is going to be the perfect place for you. We have a wide range of diecast cars and bikes, such as Ferrari, Ducati Panigale, Bentley, Jeep Wrangler, Harley Davidson, Bugatti, Royal Enfield and all the other chic, stylish and popular cars to add to your collectibles. These original licensed diecast cars have great detailing and are of top quality. Whether you use it as a pullback toy, a collectible or simply a gift, this range will definitely become your ideal choice for all such things! We constantly work on adding more and more products to this range to ensure that we have the best collection for your vintage collectibles. If this isn’t enough, we have for you a range of other toys and collectibles such as classic board games, action figures, remoted control cars, toy car set, Push-n-Go products and much more. All our products are sourced directly from authentic suppliers for originality and have in-house photos and content so that you get what you see! So when you shop with us, be assured that you’re adding the best, original and vintage model to your exquisite collection.


    Pulling and Friction Toys – 

All of us have played with pulling and friction toys at some point in our lives. These ever classic, simple and fun push toys for babies are not only safe but also hold a great educational value as they introduce the concept of friction and power to the sharp minds of our young kids. Thus, we also have numerous car games for kids so that they can learn and enjoy from these toys and you stay carefree! Our toys include a range of mini vehicles, monster trucks, bikes, construction toys, helicopter toy, wooden pull-along toys, and many others for toddlers, newborn babies and young kids. These adorable small toy cars need no batteries, no hassle, and no complexity: the instructions are simple, just get the toy and play along! Not only this, we also have a wide range of remote control cars, educational wooden toys, barbies, toy guns, stuffed toys, ride on toys and many others, so just scroll through our website, and buy one buy all!


    Toy Cars and Model Cars – 

There’s a small racer in every young kid: and we cater to that need of speed and momentum. Snooplay has for you a wide range of cars, that your young ones can race with. From cute small toy cars for toddlers and young boys, to power and remote-control cars for teens and die cast cars and collectibles for all the millennials. Our range of cars come in all colors, sizes, styles, material and usage, so that you find everything you’re look for and no longer have to compromise with your choices. Not only this our collection includes some of the fanciest, coolest, smartest and fastest cars that you need! From a remote-control Ferrari, to a pullback SUV, or from a die cast Bugatti Chiron to a remote-controlled transformer racing car, our one stop all platform will help you buy toy car online for you and for anyone else you want! And if this doesn’t fully quench your thirst, then we have a wide range of other products for you to choose from. So, just come onboard, and we assure you that you’ll get something you want!

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