Is there a little girl in you who still loves doll? Are your precious little ones a fan of fairies, dolls, Barbie’s and all things magical? If so, then Snooplay has the right things for you. We understand how special your darlings are, and that is why, we have a hand selected range of dolls, kitchen sets, doctor sets, play sets and doll houses. If your girl likes a cute baby doll, or wants a Barbie dream house, then snooplay has you covered! An Indian Traditional doll, glamorous miss world doll, a classic Barbie doll, a singing doll and many others are all doing a tea party in our warehouse, waiting to meet you little princess and become their best friend. Not only this, we have the famous Jolly Girl doll that comes with adorable dresses and accessories, a Barbie doll-hair makeover set for when your little one has to dress up her friend to go out, and a fashion show doll set so that you can create your own runway in our and be fashion critics. So, just look around our website, find a special toy for your little one and enjoy!

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